Pupil Premium

    Pupil Premium

    The Pupil Premium is allocated to Local Authorities who pass it to schools with pupils from Reception to Year 11 who are eligible for Free School Meals, are looked after or have parents currently in the Armed Forces.

    Pupils who have been eligible for free school meals at some point over the past 6 years receive the Pupil Premium.

    For the financial year 2014-15 we received £51,020 of Pupil Premium funding.

    The Pupil Premium funding was used to provide:

    *  Extra-curricular residential visits to Derbyshire and Marchants Hill

    *  Individual after-school clubs - Technology and "Waggy Tails"

    *  Life Skills development activities such as High Street visits and out of school social events

    *  Breakfast Club

    *  Transport for parents to attend school events such as parents evening

    *  ICT software to support literacy, numeracy and science

    *  Counselling

    *  Uniform