Our site provides up to date information on the school, its aims, curriculum and activities and provides an additional form of communication to our community. It is designed to help you if you are considering The Endeavour as a school for your child, or to be a guide and source of information if you are already part of the school.

    At The Endeavour we share our parents’ concerns for the education and well being of their children and can confidently say that the school has a happy, caring and industrious atmosphere. You will notice that education at The Endeavour is more than the core curriculum because we are also totally committed to developing the creative, physical, emotional and social side of all our children.

    On this site we can provide only a brief picture of the range of activities, resources and opportunities we make available to our children. We can tell you about the curriculum, our aims, activities and successes, but we cannot convey our ethos or atmosphere. The best way to make an informed decision is to visit, preferably during the school day. I am very proud of The Endeavour School and always find it a pleasure to show parents round.

    John Chadwick

    Head Teacher

    May 2014