We seek to develop the intellectual, physical, moral and social potential of every pupil in the school, always encouraging them to work towards achieving their personal best.

    We are committed to an educational environment that provides an equal opportunity for all our pupils. We offer a balanced curriculum that addresses our pupils’ individual needs. Our pupils are encouraged to become responsible and confident citizens, able to effectively express their needs, thoughts and feelings and respond appropriately to the demands of living in the community.

    We aim to extend the opportunities for pupils to experience learning and social experiences in other schools and the wider community. Through our Outreach work we also support the needs of students, parents and staff from other schools and organisations within our community.

    We work in partnership with parents and pupils to give the best care and education possible to enable all to share their hopes and concerns. It is our sincere aim that pupils will feel valued and in turn will value themselves and others.

    May 2014