Anchorage AGM is on Wednesday 4 July at 10:00 am in school. Please try to attend as it would be good to see as many of parents, family and friends of the school as possible. Thank you for your continued support.

School Structure

The Structure of our School

As a school we admit pupils aged between 5 and 16. Because of the size of the school and number of pupils, classes are arranged in Key Stages, not year groups. Each class is named after an explorer; Key Stages 1 and 2 are associated with early sea faring explorers; Key Stage 3 has adopted explorers that have ventured in to space, and Key Stage 4 is classes are bracketed with polar explorers.

At Key Stage 1 we have Cook. This class is primarily made up of 5 to 8 year olds with one class teacher and Learning Support Assistants.

At Key stage 2 we have 2 classes, Polo and Drake. The pupils in these classes are in age appropriate groups. Each class is staffed by a class teacher and Learning Support Assistants. The time table and curriculum is based on a primary school model.

At Key Stage 3 we currently have 3 classes, Ride, Armstrong, and Hadfield. When arranging the class groups we consider both the pupils age and ability. On the whole the curriculum follows a secondary model, however for some classes there is a more vocational feel to their timetable.

At Key Stage 4 we currently have 4 classes, Fiennes, Shackleton, Boyd and Bancroft. Although literacy and numeracy underline the pupils learning the curriculum model varies between the three classes. Fiennes is based broadly on a secondary school model; Shackleton is biased towards a vocational format, with Bancroft aiming to develop and deepen the pupil’s life skills.

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