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The following guidance comes from the ‘Supporting Pupils with Medical conditions Policy’; a link to this can be found in the policies section of this website.

As advised by our school nursing team which is part of NELFT NHS, we are adhering to local policy to prevent drug administration errors and to protect all children receiving medication in school

All medication must come into school in the original container and must have been prescribed by a Doctor.  There must be a pharmacy label stating the child's name, the correct prescribed dose, the frequency and timing of when to be given and the expiry date should be clearly visible.  If any of the above is missing or unclear we will not be able to administer the medication to your child.  We must also have your written permission to administer your child's own medication.  A form is available to download and print out below.

The only exceptions to the above are Paracetamol (in tablet or liquid, ie Calpol) and allergy medication (in tablet or liquid, ie Piraton) which may be non-prescription.  We are able to administer and keep these in school for your child as long as we have received the completed and signed form (as below).  Please clearly mark these medications with your child's name.  We are not allowed to administer Ibuprophen/Nurofen to a child unless it is prescribed by a Doctor.  It has come to our attention that some Doctors are unwilling to prescribe Ibuprophen even though they have recommended it's use.  If this is the case we can still accept the medication as long as it has a pharmacy label clearly stating the child's name and the dose prescribed along with a form filled out by a parent/carer (see below).

Please also note that we do keep a supply of Paracetamol in tablet form in school which can be given to pupils with the permission of a parent/carer on a case by case basis if needed.  It is important that we have a current contact telephone number for this purpose.

Unfortunately we are unable to administer any medications that do not fulfil the above requirements and as such these will be returned to you.  We hope you understand that this policy is essential to minimise the risk of error and to protect all children at the school.

Request for school to administer medication:

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