School finishes at 2:00 pm on Wednesday 24 July. School re-opens to pupils on Thursday 5 September at 9:00 am. We wish our pupils and their families a very happy summer break. Over the holiday, the school are having a total overhaul of the computer and phone systems. It may be difficult to contact us during this time. The email address will be monitored periodically during this time.

Our Classes


Cook Class is a class full of new experiences! We enjoy our home corner and play board games with our friends to practise our social skills. Being outdoors is fantastic because we can explore and take part in lots of fun activities related to nature. This term our topic is "Myself and My Toys" where we will learn about our families, how different we are from others and we will compare old and new toys. In the Spring term our topic is "People Who Help Us" and we will look at different professions and what they do to help us.

Read about Cook class here.


Polo Class love having adventures and taking our learning outside! We are a really active class and have activities such as Forest School, swimming, horse riding and community visits packed into our timetable. In the Autumn term our topic is "What A Wonderful World" where we will be learning about the differences between ourselves and people in other countries. In the Spring term we will learn about Superheroes (both fictional and real-life heroes) and in the Summer term our topic will be Keep on Moving, looking at transport and forces.

Take a look at our Galleries page to see all the fun activities we have done recently. We have all sorts of adventures and we have our own page which is updated regularly, click here to find out all about them.


Drake Class are looking forward to a fun and exciting year with lots of trips and outdoor learning! Our first topic is "Ancient Egypt". We will be looking at mummification, Egyptian Gods and will even be creating our own Egyptian masks. In the Spring term We will then be looking at Superheroes and Real-Life Heroes and will have the opportunity to create our own comic books. To end the year, our topic will be Transport and how it has changed over time.

Have a look on our Galleries page.


Welcome to Ride, there are 13 students in our class aged 11-13. We really enjoy working together as a group and have really improved our social skills whilst exploring our new topics. We have all explored the topic of "Healthy Eating" and were lucky enough to go on a trip to Tesco where we were able to taste new foods. We have also had the pleasure of discovering new ways of making music using technology and percussion instruments. In horticulture we have learnt how to weed, turn over soil and get it ready for planting. Read more about Ride here. on our own class page


Welcome to Armstrong!

We are a fun and lively class of 13 students in both years 7 and 8. Now we are in Key Stage 3 we have been enjoying new classes like Drama, Forest School, Independent Living and Technology.

We are going on several trips throughout the year which will help us to become more independent, understand road and train safety, use of our own money to help with our maths skills and to always use our best social skills (which sometimes we find challenging). Our trips include the Sky Garden in London, The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, The Braintree Discovery Centre and Toby Carvery in Brentwood (Yum).

We are looking forward to the year ahead with much more to come! Stay tuned for all the adventures as Armstrong is about to take off ....5,4,3,2,1 we have lift off!!!

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Hello from Peake! We are a Key Stage 3 class at the Endeavour School. This year we are focusing a lot on the community and have recently visited Brentwood Fire Station. We are keen to develop our life skills and work hard to hit our individual targets. We are studying the Roald Dahl book "George's Marvellous Medicine" in our English lessons and are looking forward to a spectacular Christmas performance.


We are a year 8 and 9 class of 14 pupils. Our teacher is Mr Blair and we have Miss Ball and Mrs Reynolds as our LSA's. We attend Forest Schools once a week and have also been crabbing so far this year - We won the KS3 competition, catching 67 crabs!! In English we are reading Georg's Marvellour medicine. In Maths we have been rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and in Science this term we have been learning to use bunsen burners safely with Mrs Alexander.

Read about Hadfield class here.


A BIG Hello from Shackleton Class. We are in Key Stage 4 and a mixture of year 10 and year 11 pupils. We share two form teachers, Mr Creedon and Mrs Stack as well as two LSA's Mrs Collier and Mrs Hughes. Our class faces out onto the school allotment so we have a special responsibility for horticulture and looking after wildlife. Most of us have also taken on the additional responsibility of being prefects to help look after the school and younger pupils.

Take a look at our Galleries page to see all the fun activities we have done recently.

It is very different being in Key Stage 4. We are the oldest pupils in the school and therefore have to take on the responsibility of being more mature and showing a good example to others. We will all be doing Work Experience outside of school in the summer term. This will also be the lst year for some of us so we have to start thinking about which college we want to move on to.A


Hello! We are Bancroft Class - small but perfectly formed! There are only 7 of us but we have big personalities. We are all in Year 11 so this is our final year at Endeavour . We are looking forward to moving on to new 6th forms next year but we all feel quite nervous about the change. Two of us are School Council representatives for this term and five of us have successfully applied to become prefects. We are now getting used to being responsible for a range of duties and are enjoying helping other people in the school community./p>

We have had a busy start to the year. Four of us went to Derbyshire and the rest enjoyed a "different" kind of week at school. We have been working on Macbeth in English, which is a coincidence because the Shakespeare Schools Festival production this year is the Scottish play and Anita is representing our class by working on lighting for the production. We have enjoyed making models and word clouds about Shakespeare's work and are creating a new display board to showcase what we have done. We are planning a trip to the Globe Theatre soon to see where the play was originally performed. We are all excited about going to London by train.

In Pathways we have learnt how to keep ourselves safe at home and in the community and we are now preparing to make jams and pickles for the Christmas Bazaar. The recipes have helped us in our Maths because we have practised multiplication for making bigger batches. We will have a tasting session during the Harvest Assembly. We bought ingredients on a visit to Barleylands Farm Shop. We also plan a road safety and public transport trip to Billericay using buses and trains. This will develop our life skills as well as being fun.

Read about Bancroft's activities here.


Welcome to Fiennes Class. We are all year 11's so the top of the school and will be celebrating our 16th birthdays throughout this year! This is a really important academic year as we will be taking our exams in preparation for moving to sixth form colleges. So we will work hard and hopefully play hard too this year. Our year started with a residential trip to Derbyshire, most of our class went and stayed away for four nights. We spent our days outdoors enjoying activities such as biking, abseiling and hiking and had the evenings to socialise with friends. It was a great experience. Those of us who didn't go had trips out to Sainsburys to buy ingredients to make cakes and walked to the park where we had a snack in the cafe.

Lots of us have successfully applied to be Prefects so are taking on responsibilities and duties to help the younger pupils at break and lunch times. We also appointed our School Council Representatives who will be our class voice and will represent the class when making important decisions on charity days and whole school events. Five members of the class are sports captains or vice captains so will arrange many in-house sporting events throughout this year.

We will also be learning a lot of really important life skills this year in PSD and enjoy a day or horticulture, taking on tasks from preparing the ground of the allotment to planting and growing our own vegetables. We will also be going on work experience again this year. Hopefully all of these activities will make us feel more confident moving forward as we become young adults

College applications will start for all of us too. We will be considering all of our options over the next few months and making visits on open days to find somewhere we will be as happy as we have been at the Endeavour.

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