Admissions Procedure



    The Endeavour School works with the Local Authority to provide education for children between the ages of 5 - 16 with moderate learning difficulties and/or complex needs.  The criterion for placement at The Endeavour School is set out in the Essex County Council document 'Descriptors for determining levels of SEN' (2007). (App 1).  Following statutory assessment the Local Authority will make a judgement as to where the needs of a child with SEN may best be met.  If the criteria for complex needs provides the best fit, then The Endeavour School may be consulted and a request for admission made.  The school will consider the consultation paperwork to ensure it is an appropriate referral and that we can meet the needs within our defined provision.  A place may then be offered which will need to be accepted within 20 working days.

    The Endeavour School provides a modified curriculum and specialist provision for children with moderate learning difficulties and complex needs for which it is provided with an identified level of funding by the Local Authority.  The school is not intended for pupils with other categories of difficulty.  The admission of children with, for example, severe behavioural, social and emotional needs or severe learning difficulties would compromise the efficient education of other pupils.

    In considering the referral of a child, the Headteacher and Governors will consider the appropriateness of the referral and will be mindful of the agreed size of the school roll and class size.  The school currently accommodates 120 pupils in classes of approximately twelve.  In deciding the appropriateness of the referral, full consideration of the statement and other supporting reports will be made.  If there is any doubt then a senior member of staff will visit the pupil in their current school.  It is expected that parents will have visited the school to fully understand the provision being offered and the context of the school.

    Every year pupil progress, provision and appropriateness of placement will be reviewed at the Annual Review meeting.

    The transition into school will be supported by the school's Outreach and Transition Manager, liaising with school and parents and arranging visits.  The move into The Endeavour School will be monitored and supported to ensure as smooth a transition as possible.

    The Endeavour School believes that time and care should be taken when admitting a child to the school.  The aim of this policy and procedure is to ensure that each pupil is placed in the correct learning environment where he or she can thrive and make progress academically and socially.